Boost your business' results with cutting edge technology

Leverage AI, Blockchain and modern technologies to increase your revenues and reduce your operating costs

reimagine your business together


Adapt to new market dynamics

Your customers expectations are shifting at unprecedented speeds. Leverage the right tools to boost your revenues.

Streamline you processes

Let's work together to get you more productive. By setting up the right tools you can skip some steps and automate others, enabling your team to do more in less time.


Monitor & Plan

Identify the right metrics, schedule relevant alerts and stay on top of your business.

Stay ahead

Rely on our expertise to anticipate the positive impacts of the latest technologies on your business


how to successfully

transform your business


Identify the areas

to transform

We set a vision and define business objectives aligned with your marketing plan


Plan carefully

the work ahead

We write clear specifications and review bids to pick the right execution partners


Evaluate the work

as it comes

We'll review the work being done and make sure it's delivering the expected value


Implement the change


We'll guide you and your teams to adapt to this transformation and make sure this transition is a success

Startups & Institutions

Trust us

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lead team

since 2010



Julien Fayad linkedin

Tech Engineer with over a decade experience in building worldwide high traffic applications. Julien also has a deep understanding of business needs and digital startups as he co-founded multiple companies in various fields (Content, eCommerce, Business Automation, Blockchain, Art, Gaming etc...). Julien is always on the lookout for new solutions to lead the way in building a better future


UX designer

Jana Abi Akar linkedin

A UX lead designer and entrepreneur. With over a decade running her own business she developed a strong understanding of business needs. Jana worked on building and optimizing web and mobile apps for ecommerce, real estate, chat bots etc. She is focused on the user to create lovable experiences.

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At Eweev, we transform the traditional world into a digital one by helping companies & startups compete in the digital world.

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